Create an a connection withrowgh Office 365 Planner and Power Bi.
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10/20/2022 - The planner team have not made any plans to support this for the next 6 months.

Please add this functionality. Or, better yet, build out support for the entire Graph API. This already partially works on Desktop if you connect via oData.

Maybe Codex or GitHub CoPilot can help you figure out how to integrate this :) Thanks

Add in a connector for planner. This is like NEEDED!!

There are so manny things we should be able to do with planner data. Also, being able to add additional data elements, but if not, at least to be able to do so in BI... please... please... please... soon.

this should be simple ask, powerbi and planner on the same platform and it shouldnt be that complicated.

all we need is to access planner tables within powerbi for better reporting


Hi I struggle to understand if this feature has been implemented or not. I found something called "Executive reports for MIcrosoft Planner" but then, I cannot resolve the issues with authentication. Is it possible to export data from MIcrosoft planner into powerBI or not? Thanks

Need to be able to report based on our inputs - so need to have Planner be an input for Power BI

We need a Power BI connector for Planner.

the current solution is to use Power Automate to pull the data into Excel tables and then use these tables as data source.

This is slow and quite cumbersome as the Power Automate connector does not have an "Export Plan to Excel" action.

Are they trying to drive us to Trello?

All connections to office 365 tools like planner or Power BI services should become more easily