Create an a connection withrowgh Office 365 Planner and Power Bi.
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10/20/2022 - The planner team have not made any plans to support this for the next 6 months.

Duplicate of the below idea, vote below instead:

Microsoft Idea (powerbi.com)

This should also be created for Project for the Web

Vote here instead, has more votes and is the same:

Microsoft Idea (powerbi.com)


It's Highly needed for my projects, and also the ability to compare multiple projects in Planner with Multiple team members, which are not necessary always the same

Gettting statistics on planner tasks within a channel, a room and across company is HIGHLY HIGLY needed.

Its crazy that this doesn't exist! Any data, especially from a Microsoft product should be available as a data source for Power BI.
Management reporting requires this data, otherwise the benefits of Planner are undermined.

Also looking to connect Planner and PowerBI for reporting.

Absolutely right. Default reporting in planner is so limited to just what you get. It would be great to use better visualizations and relate the data to other sources.

Really hope to see this sooner rather than later. A shame this request has been sitting here 5 years and still not convenient way to get this data directly.