Create an a connection withrowgh Office 365 Planner and Power Bi.
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10/20/2022 - The planner team have not made any plans to support this for the next 6 months.

This request is half a decade old. I don't understand why there is any Microsoft service that can be exported to excel that is most also natively integrated into Power BI.


Yes! Planner pointless without Key Results

Having a connector for Microsoft Planner in Excel and Power BI would help in mashing the data from Microsoft Planner to other data assets for interesting insights. Please plan for this feature.

This is really important for us. I've spent the last couple of years trying to get our business to use Teams w/ Planner (now Tasks) and Power BI. I've run out of excuses as to why they can't have dashboards that connect Microsoft Tasks with Microsoft Power BI.

I'm not keen on developing a DIY option that manually brokers the data between the two using SharePoint as an intermediary.

Much needed to optimize work employee time. Instead of updating, a planner, a presentation, and any other tool, this would permit to have in centralized at one place.

I would very much appreciate a way to automatically update (refresh) our Power BI Report created from weekly Planner exports. Currently looking for an alternative in the meantime. Thanks for your consideration!!!

It would increase the value of PowerBI for business a lot

Its crazy this isnt a priority for Microsoft, this is an essential feature for Planner data to be properly filtered, visualized and used via PowerBI... come on MS!

Would love to see this get completed so i can consolidate my planner tracking to one location vs flipping through multiple plans.

Pretty crazy that this still needs votes. 29 comment pages and 2947 votes. Been requested since 2016?