Create multiple apps from same workspace infect from same Dataset without replicating the dataset multiple times. only option we have now is to update the app and only one app per workspace can be created which a kind of restrict the workspace usability. If we can create multiple apps share it with different users without creating multiple workspace ... means same dataset no dataset replication, will save the storage as well.

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March 2022 update: we plan to have a private preview soon and hopefully release to the public in July


Thanks for the follow up Hew, Russel, and Fabian.

Can you share how the new audiences feature isnt giving you the ability to put different reports into different contexts (per audience) the way you would be able to if you could have multiple org apps per workspace?

The team that built audiences reviewed with customers the need to serve multiple contexts and audiences worked for those customers since they can show just the right content to the right users per audience. I'm wondering what audiences arent doing yet that we should consider...or go back to considering multiple org apps per workspace.

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Do you have an update on the ETA of this idea? Multiple Apps per Workspace would be super helpful to simplify the setup of our Reports.


@Dustin_Askins - no, multiple audiences does not capture the desire behind this idea. We need to publish multiple apps from one workspace. Apps containing different reports, etc.


I think most customers would agree that this is still a feature that we could really use but isn't yet available. Are there any other open tickets requesting multiple apps per workspace?


A single app per workspace does not meet the requested functionality. We need a way to organize related reports into smaller apps within the context of a workspace.


Hi Debbie, we heard something similar for many others...asking for the ability to have multiple org apps per workspace:

Create multiple apps from same workspace

Microsoft Idea (powerbi.com)

^ we've released org apps with multiple audiences.

Will you let us know if that works for you? I'm merging this idea with that one. Follow up here if you have any additional comments, thank you! 🙌


As you know its one app per user group.

So what we do is have a master group then sub groups for specific users.

this is ok but sometimes there might be say one or two users who only want to see specific reports.

Say we have this example

User Group A User Group B

report A X X

report B X X

report C X X

report D X

report E X

report F X

Instead of having to build two sub groups. (With reports A B and C in both) It would be great to be able to have 1 workspace / App

report A Show all groups

report B Show all groups

report C Show all groups

report D Hide for User Group B

report E Hide for User Group B

report F Hide for User Group A

This would allow us to use the same workspace and App even though the user groups see slightly different reports. removing the need to create two workspaces.


This would be an essential feature, since we want to have a Workspace for our whole company and create different apps for different purposes.


The "Audience" feature in the new app experience is redundant and completely useless. Please allow for multiple apps in a single workspace Thanks


Look forward for an update too