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Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

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on 18 May 2017 19:35:34

This is a repost of my idea that was closed as completed, but the 'relative date slicer doesn't allow any of the described request hence my idea is not implemented....

The new date slicer is awesome, but it would be so nice if you could set a dynamic date selection instead of a static. With a static filter the user will always have to set the dates before the saved report makes sense - especially as the report gets older.

Dynamic options could be
YTD, QTD, MTD, WTD, Today, This Year, This Quarter, This Month, This Week and so on.

original idea:

Administrator on 16 Jun 2017 23:57:11

The relative date slicer (a Preview feature as of June '17) gets us close to this with the 'This Month' or 'This Year' settings. That is a dynamic date selection that updates based on the current system date. We plan to add a 'YTD'/'MTD' option to specifically select a range from the start of the month/year up to today, hopefully that'll address the remaining requirements!

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Collin Tsui on 29 Sep 2023 19:53:19

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

Please include ability to set relative dates on both ends of the range (e.g. from 90 days ago to 90 days from now), as opposed to being limited to the current date as one end of the range. Thank you!

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Matt Finlay on 01 Sep 2023 09:56:39

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

Please ensure this functionality allows a fully dynamic start/end date selection.

For example, in my organisation we have reports that want default dates to be:

last complete Mon - Sun week

last complete Sat - Fri week

last complete month

year to yesterday (01/04 start)

year to last month end (01/04 start)

rolling 28 days to yesterday

but (crucially) still allow uses to select any date range outside of these (but still limited by the dates in the data).

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Poul Jorgensen on 17 Jun 2023 15:41:14

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)


  • Please include an option not to include today. Last 3 weeks is no including today
  • Please implement the ability to state when a week ends. Calendar weeks is ruined if you can not specify week start day. Not all countries use Sunday as start of week
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David Zebrowitz on 06 Dec 2022 17:30:45

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

Option to set TimeZone rather than having it built on UTC!

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James Bartlett on 22 Aug 2022 21:11:44

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

BEFORE YOU VOTE: Have you tried using the Preselected Slicer visual?

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Laurence S on 11 Aug 2022 21:04:08

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

Any word when this is coming? Would be great to be able to set the default dates in a "between" date slicer with dax but allow them to be edited by the report viewer.

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Jillian Kratish on 26 Jun 2022 22:31:33

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

This should allow for non-standard periods, as business may choose to use their own business week, say Friday to Thursday, or or a custom 28-day period with the occasional 35-day period as a true-up.

There should also be a filter option to remove all future date values, or all past date values, from the slicer and put highest (or lowest) time period at the top of the list, as the default view. One would be useful for historical data visuals and the other for projected data visuals.

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Amruta Ukil on 11 May 2022 05:10:43

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

How about implementing YTD, ATD as per country wise Financial Year. using totalytd doesnt make sense in India as the FY starts from April.

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Michael Colbert on 20 Apr 2022 14:09:49

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

A workaround I use is to generate a date range table that provides all of the necessary range of dates that is relative to today using day, week, month and year offsets in my date dimension. This is very customizable and solves the need for our team.

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LISA SANDERS on 05 Apr 2022 17:01:57

RE: Dynamic Date Slicer (improve relative date slicer)

I would like to be able to auto-refresh the slicer day based on the last modified date.

Example: Weekly reports --> data last refreshed/ last modified on 04/ 04 --> Our calendar is Sat - Fri. But the report date slicer needs to auto-refresh to read: Data range start [3/26/2022] - [4/1/2022]

Also, it would be nice to have pre, mid, and post options. Like the cards do. Or at least add a dash option for the middle.

Issue: currently using a text box to add these items. When the date is longer or shorter than the last everything shifts and runs into the text box.

Example: pre = Date Range, mid = ( - ), and a post = Weekly

Resaults: Date Range: [3/26/2022] - [4/1/2022] weekly