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Add Folders To Organize Reports On

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Alex Pataky on 2015-08-22 02:04:59

RIght now, on, there is no ability to organize reports, dashboards, etc into folders. If you have a lot of content or users, this gets messy quickly.

Please add the ability to organize into folders (and secure those folders separately)

Administrator on 7/11/2023 11:13:23 PM

Update 10/17: This is now in our upcoming roadmap and we will share more details in the coming months. Mo

March 2022 Update: This is in our plans, no timeline as of yet but we are working on it

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Zachary Greco's profile image

Zachary Greco on 2022-07-28 16:29:30

Power BI

Folders for workspaces

It would be great to be able to add folders within workspaces to better manage workspaces that have several reports or are used for testing- I would be able to move things into a "archived" or "test completed" folder to track before moving to our corporate workspaces. Similarly, being able to ...

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F S's profile image

F S on 2020-09-04 08:40:21

Power BI

Folder structure in the work area

If you have many reports, several datasets and dashboards in one work area, it quickly becomes confusing. A folder structure would be good here.

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Max's profile image

Max on 2019-09-03 15:27:18

Power BI

Create folders to arrange reports into Power BI workspace

Create folders in workspace in order to arrange reports to different levels and groups

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David Wheat's profile image

David Wheat on 2019-03-27 17:30:59

Power BI

Folders on BowerBi

The ability to organise reports into folders (Like SharePoint) would be useful, as a business, we have several different types of reports on Bi, for example - Reporting to the board, weekly performance reports, operational stats reporting, Marketing reporting etc.. It would be nice to be able to ...

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's profile image

on 2019-09-24 21:42:32

Power BI

Folders within workspace

Would be nice to sort all your reports and dashboards in "My Workspace" instead of it being a big mess. A folder structure to categorize reports etc would be nice.

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's profile image

on 2018-08-28 20:55:38

Power BI

Create subfolders in Work Spaces.

I hav to create reports to several clients with several branchs so will be helpfull to have inside the WorkSaces(APPs) subApps. like a file directory. So I could have the company report in the main APP and in the sub APPS the branchs or events or departments.

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Shamir Bhaiji's profile image

Shamir Bhaiji on 2017-01-13 22:41:14

Power BI

Folders in workspaces

It will be really good if you can create sub workspaces within a workspaces . This will make it so much easier to identify the exact report that you are looking for. For example, we could create a workspaces called ICT and in that group we can create sub workspaces like ICT Service Helpdesk, Deve...

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Power BI User's profile image

Power BI User on 2020-05-21 13:33:16

Power BI

create folder inside workspaces for report seggregation

currently there is not provision to create folders inside workspaces.All the reports will be lying on the workspaces and we cannot do anykind of seggregation.