Please repair it as it's really BAD.

Seems like the most basic of functions, voted.

This would be extremely helpful for organization.

Transfer order lines data entity (InventTransferOrderLineEntity) respects Released product's Default order settings when importing lines via Data management. It even displays a yes/no pop up message similar to when entering a Transfer order line manually if the quantities you are importing do not match the default order settings and you are not importing using a batch job. If you import using a batch job, the Default order settings are respected automatically.

It was a disappointment to find out that Sales order lines V2 data entity (SalesOrderLineV2Entity) doesn't have any support for Default order settings.

same problem

Totally agreed .It showing no of participants negative which is impossible

Oh well, 3 years later MS still haven't implemented this, the only option is still manually dragging each column to fit more or less. Meanwhile MS had no problem spending dev-resources on useless features no one asked for.

Very much wanted

Please can we have a solution for this. This limits the solutions we can build in the public sector due to compliance reasons

We need this as well! However, two comments:

  1. In our case it is about the location on the BOM mother item line, not on the lines. Same thing when doing Report as finished from Released products manually, it refuses to pick up the location also if it is entered both as fixed location WMS style AND as old school on the Warehouse item of the BOM mother AND entered as defaultd production input location on the warehouse and the location has a work policy). Is this a bug? I think it actually worked without custom in AX2009 old school WMS1 warehousing.
  2. In addition, since the idea with Autoreport as finished is that there is never any on hand initially on the BOM mother item that is on the sales line, I cannot get the item out on picking work. We have a scenario where we would like the item to be included on pick work line for information and confirmation, and it seems to be inherent in the Release to warehouse functionality to not accept release of any item that does not have on hand, also if it is reserved against negative through setup allowing negative stock on item model group, location directive and location profile.

So, please offer a fix of this or advise how to solve the problems.