This is a serious gap in the base product.

Please implement this, as it would provide much greater control for end users.

Love this idea.

How can this still not be fixed?

Much needed option

It would be good as per all the users usually go and see the same reports. Some reports are getting more and more important and that makes us to have them together.

This would be great as there a waste of time to go to look for the users that are no longer active and remove them. Sometimes, we do not find them as they are users with a long time that left the company and it is difficult to find those.

We were able to accomplish this by creating a custom view that pulled in the current fields and adding an HTML code to search within displayed fields. But it would be great to be able to do this out of the box instead of through customization.

Alternatively, let us change the editor options to meet our customer's brand guidelines similarly to how we do it within a portal. If we can change the header, paragraph, bulleted and numbered list, special content box, etc. within the editor, we wouldn't have to rely so heavily on custom HTML within the articles.

We also have this issue and would like a solution ASAP. Our KAs are client facing and are accessed through a Power Pages portal. We have extensive references between articles and urls outside of the portal. Articles outside of the portal are fine since the url is static. Referencing the current, published article by article number would be ideal for our use case.

Defining custom functions and sharing the function with other analysts across the organization would be invaluable for aligning KPI's across the enterprise.

100% agree. This update is frustrating. If anything, I now have to press 2 buttons to filter by type. Instead of being able to click Report, I now have to click Filter and then Report. I also know Microsoft has been pushing for color blind accessibility lately, and I wonder if that was the motivation behind removing the colors. But you can make things accessible and still have colors.