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total incorrect

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Mark McAdam on 28 Oct 2016 09:22:48

thought is was a simple sum

there are no filters or dax expressions used.

all road_total values for all region_id powerbi gives me this result

REGION_ID Road_Total
B 33406.6
C 69691
D 0
G 0
M 12008.7
S 13410.7
T 29643.9
W 0
Total 167,913,307.00

same query on same data with SQL give me result below.
REGION_ID (No column name)
B 272875.40
C 2383902.80
D 0.00
G 0.00
M 101533.30
S 774614.60
T 518831.40
W 0.00

tried to do a supprt request but got

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Jantgo on 05 Jul 2020 22:37:23

RE: total incorrect

I have a similar issue. For a 20 rows table, countrows returns 400, and for a distinct count for 4 different values, the function returns 80, multiplied by 20 both cases.