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Enable Dataflows Gen2 to access a lakehouse "Files" section as a folder vs. individual files

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Scott Powell on 02 Oct 2023 02:09:46

A Gen2 dataflow can currently access individual files stored in the "Files" section of a lakehouse - but it doesn't seem able to access these using a "Folder" object. In Dataflows Gen1 I could store multiple files in a location, and using a "Folder" source they could be combined into a single table in Power Query. This doesn't seem to work with Dataflows Gen2 trying to access a folder under a Lakehouse "Files" section - I can hit individual files, but not combine them into a single file and ingest them as a single table.

I've loaded 500+ Power BI audit log files (one per day) into the files section - and don't seem to be able to consume them from a Gen2 dataflow.