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pay as you go capacify - auto start / stop

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Daryl Lynch on 15 Jun 2023 20:09:45

Here is the scenario that I would like to understand:

If I create a F4 capacity, assign it to a single Workspace, and then run one 15 min Data Pipeline each day, will I be billed for?

15 Mins,

1 Hour,

1 Day

Note the question is based on the notion that I going to use a separate Workspace to host my Dataflow; separate from the Power BI capacity that it dedicated to reporting off imported and Delta Lake.

The question come from hearing people talk about starting and stopping capacities. But coming from a Power BI Premium Capacity admin point of view this start/stop is a foreign concept.

I have heard from Azure stack point of view that you can start the A SKU, run the process and then stop the A SKU.

However, I sound like a complicated Infra-structure setting, which Fabric as a SaaS solution should avoid.

The auto on/off is also a concept for Snowflake where different Compute Engines size can be used depending on the workload.

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Daryl Lynch on 17 Jun 2023 15:32:50

RE: pay as you go capacify - auto start / stop

Under this scenario, the pipeline writes to OneLake. Then I am using Power BI P1 SKU to read the data (i.e. another Capacity)