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Create Dashboard from two differents workspaces

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Guillermo Pedernera on 07 Sep 2020 07:25:30

I want to create a Dashboard that includes both Sales Report and Stock Report( from stokc workspace) in Sales Workspace,.
I need to copy Stock Report from Stock Workspace to Sales Workspace to create this Dashboard.
I don not wont to do that. I do not wont to mix reports or create copies.

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Dan Nichols on 12 Jul 2023 17:24:32

RE: Create Dashboard from two differents workspaces

Yeah, this severely limits the utility of dashboards. In a large Enterprise BI organization, you could have datasets in many different workspaces and reports in those same workspaces or in dedicated report workspaces - maybe functionally or by lower-level departments. But the dashboard can only pull from reports that are in the same workspace. This means duplicating reports from their home workspaces to other workspaces you're trying to build the dashboard in. This is a maintenance nightmare. How do you know which report is the reporting single-source-of-truth if you start duplicating the same report artifacts in many different workspaces? Dashboards need to become workspace agnostic in an Enterprise BI environment, i.e., you can assemble them from many different workspaces in your company tenant - as long as you have the necessary data access permissions. Workspace management still needs a lot of work, e.g., the lack of a sub-folder capability for organizing artifacts, etc. It's getting even more complicated w/ Fabric now w/ Fabric Domains (preview). In a multi-layered BI architecture, these types of restrictions are, frankly, mystifying. If you separate your workspaces like is recommended here (How to organize workspaces in a Power BI environment? - RADACAD), you create an absolute mess from a dashboard content sharing perspective.

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Dominique BOULAY on 09 Sep 2022 13:49:19

RE: Create Dashboard from two differents workspaces

yes it's a very good idea. Today, i do make multiple copy of report to workaround the problem. And it is very complicated for maintenance.