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Better Box & Whisker Visual

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John on 07 Oct 2017 02:47:23

Power BI is limited when it comes to box and whisker plots. The Jean Pieter B&W visual (open source) is quite limited and glitchy. It doesn't scale well, you can't change the colors of the box as of the last update, there is no option to change the box plot to a horizontal orientation, no ability to include a demarcation line to call out individual cases...Microsoft would do well by creating their own box plot visual.

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Greg Skoff on 05 Jul 2020 23:49:42

RE: Better Box & Whisker Visual

Absolutely!!!! Why doesn't Power BI have a native box and whisker viz already??????? As mentioned on the other CLOSED idea thread ( the B&W visualizations available on the marketplace do not work as well as a native viz.

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Karen Stewart on 05 Jul 2020 23:38:57

RE: Better Box & Whisker Visual

'I would like to be able to represent a box and whisker from the 5 stat summary data (ie when I dont have the underlying full data set). Am currently doing this with a combo stacked column and line chart following same approach as given in this cheat sheet for an older version of excel

Desired features include
- Ability to select colours for each segment
- Ability to optionally label all, some or none of he 5 summary points (top of range, bottom of range, mean, Q1 and/or Q3)
- Ability to overlay a data point on the same axis / scalle (ie here is where a specific result was given the background range of data)
- Ability to show several box and whiskers on the same chart (eg showing the spread of results year on year all on the same chart)