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Azure AD data connector

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Joshua Flory on 15 Sep 2021 16:41:45

Please publish a data connector that can connect to Azure AD.

Currently there is no way to query it directly.  There used to be the Azure AD template app that we could download but that connector has been deprecated and not replaced.

Thank you.

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Kurt Eichler on 22 Jan 2024 14:19:32

RE: Azure AD data connector

Microsoft, Power BI already has an on-prem AD data source you can quickly query AD groups and load the users. I have a very simple use case to do the same, but using an Azure AD group then show a graphical representation of these users grouped by business unit. I don't want to get into creating custom data sources/solutions for a report that will take far less time to setup. Since you already have the on-prem data source and want to encourage as many users into the cloud as possible, this feels like something that should already be in place today. Please strongly consider this.

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Robert Matesick on 22 Apr 2022 14:54:40

RE: Azure AD data connector

I totally agree. It seems like there is a foundational gap to be able to fetch AAD user info directly. We, however, are able to query Active Directory (on-prem) via our data gateways but this seems unnecessary if the Power BI desktop/service could just query AAD directly.