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Support for git repositories other than Azure DevOps

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Joydeep Mandal on 29 Jun 2023 03:42:52

PowerBI workspaces now support Azure DevOps git integration. Please support git repositories like BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub as well.

Administrator on 18 Sep 2023 11:51:58

Our team is actively working on enabling Fabric Git integration with GitHub. We will provide precise timelines as soon as they are ready for sharing.

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T P on 28 Jul 2023 09:03:51

RE: Support for git repositories other than Azure DevOps

Other users have raised separate Ideas for each provider, which might also be useful for deciding priority if they're added one at a time.

Personally GitHub is the one I'm waiting on, but I hope the others are added soon too.

Thread for GitHub-

Thread for GitLab-