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About downloading PBIX files

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shink on 27 Jun 2019 13:41:00

Users who do not have Edit permission to the workspace can not download pbix files from Power BI service.
I want users who have only browsing rights to be able to download PBIX files from the Power BI service.

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Linda Sarace on 06 Jul 2020 00:14:35

RE: About downloading PBIX files

To expand on our needs around this Idea, which are similar but slightly different, but still around downloading PBIX files from PBI Service...

A PBI dataset (data model) resides in workspace A
a PBI Desktop user is provided Build permission to the dataset in workspace A
the PBI Desktop user is NOT a Member, Contributor, Viewer or Admin of workspace A
the PBI Desktop user has sourced the dataset (data model) from workspace A into PBI Desktop
the PBI Desktop user has created a "thin" report using the dataset sourced from workspace A
the PBI Desktop user has published the "thin" report into workspace B, where he is a Member or Contributor

the user opts to Download the "thin" report to their PBI Desktop from workspace B

the user should be able to do so

Current behavior:
The user is not able to download the "thin" report from workspace B unless they are also made a Contributor or Member of workspace A