RIght now, on powerbi.com, there is no ability to organize reports, dashboards, etc into folders. If you have a lot of content or users, this gets messy quickly.

Please add the ability to organize into folders (and secure those folders separately)
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Update 10/17: This is now in our upcoming roadmap and we will share more details in the coming months. Mo

March 2022 Update: This is in our plans, no timeline as of yet but we are working on it


Any update on this? It appears this issue has been around since 2015 and the last update came out almost a year ago.


A much important and a common feature, must have it.

Kindly expedite.


At this point, the only way to organize lots of reports around the same data is to use multiple workspaces--not ideal. Please add folders for organization.


Hi Team,

@Micrsoft team - when can we expect this feature?

This is a critical feature which has been pending since 2015. Can microsoft look at this feature and come back as its difficult to manage the reports in single workspace?


Shiva Shankar Sheela


Would be a crucial useful feature to have at least one more level of hierarchy e.g. for main workspaces:




That contain sub-workspace

Operations - Inventory

Operations - Assets

Operations - Regions


The ability to # or tag reports with certain key words that indicates the report is centred around a particular process or persona would be helpful as well. For example in the Power BI Hub beside Endorsement, Sensitivity etc there should be a column that says Tags where report owners can use certain key words that will allow end users to filter and sort by.


Are there any updates to this idea? We are currently reviewing whether to move to PBI Online and this will cause us issues with the number of reports we are using.


agreed, this issue is so past due... this is a key reason for some reluctance on part of corp users to switch to pbi from other BI analytics platforms


It's a basic very important feature for large organizations that uses a large number of reports.
It's been Under Review since March 2021, We need to know if this feature will be out soon or not.


Indeed a necessary much needed functionality to the application (PBI) especially where it is expected that there will be numerous report in production and some gone live and some still work in progress, beta mode. Folders management is a minimal function to help users / designers/ creators deep at work.