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Export as image publish to web report

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on 07 Dec 2017 05:14:23

This is absolutely critical!! Please. We have customizable reports published on our website at: but once my users configure the report for their custom options, they have no way to export so that they can share on social media, send to clients, include in their marketing materials, etc.

Can't their simply be a "Print as PDF" or "Print as JPG" option included in the publish to web link? Something that just prints whatever the current report view is with all of the selections.

They aren't coming to my reports purely to educate themselves, they want to customize my data AND be able to share it out in their materials.

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Power BI Ideas Admin on 05 Jul 2020 23:08:01

RE: Export as image publish to web report

Direct feedback from user:

"Your interactive market stats are great. It can improve dramatically if you figure out how to make it appealing to Facebook or make it visual when we as a Realtor post them in our walls to educate our clients / friends.

Currently if I post this "key ratios on home price ..." will display ONLY a link to the post and people are very wary to do so, that includes me. While browsing friends posts we want ready to see / read graphics and easy to understand, unfortunately your data fails this test.'

Come on team, it's this last mile that's the killer. How hard can it be to add a "Print Current View as Image/PDF" or something for publish-to-web reports. This is why people are still on Tableau...