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Analyze in Excel using DAX

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Power BI Ideas Admin on 27 Dec 2019 19:05:27

When users connect to a data model using Analyze in Excel, the model is queried using MDX.

However, all the performance tuning tools available are geared towards DAX.

I think the ability to navigate a PBI model using Excel is great, and helps get stubborn uses on to using curated data sets without having to get them to make the even bigger jump to moving away from their beloved excel.

However, we're noticing performance issues when MDX queries are hitting the model. If I write a query in DAX I can return my desired results in around 2 seconds, where as it can be minutes when MDX is used.

Is there any scope/desire for the Analyze in Excel functionality to be re-engineered to query the PBI data model using DAX queries instead of MDX?

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Pedro Roseira on 16 Feb 2024 12:33:11

RE: Analyze in Excel using DAX

many users still use excel to access data from tabular models. I have personally observed several ocasions where MDX generated in excel pivot tables underperforms when compared to DAX generated in power BI table or matrix visual with the same output..some cases are as described: from seconds with dax to minutes with MDX. It would be great if Microsoft reworked their analyse in Excel to use dax or optimize the MDX generated.