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Redshift ODBC Connection Multiple Queries

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on 25 May 2016 00:21:38

When connecting to a Redshift database in AWS via an ODBC connection in PowerBI, the report will execute the queries already loaded into the report upon opening of the document (in the desktop version), or randomly (in the online version). If I load a new query into the report, often up to 5 copies of the single query will start to execute, in addition to unrelated queries from the report beginning to execute at the same time as well. This completely eats up the disk space and I/O operations, effectively tying up the database so nothing can actually execute.

Is there a way to disable automatic execution of queries in both the Desktop and Online version of PowerBI? With the exception of a scheduled refresh and a manual query load, the report should not continually attempt to execute queries without request.

Thank you!

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sadf sdf on 05 Jul 2020 22:23:19

RE: Redshift ODBC Connection Multiple Queries

Hello Alexandra,
I have asked the gateway team to take a look at this.