When you create a PowerBI report in Power BI Desktop it transparently create \ use a git repository. So you just worked normally, then when you hit publish, it actually push to remote.

Gitignore could be used to exclude data from being published to the repository. PowerBI would have version control which is desperately needed.

This would work well with the whole Microsoft buying Github \ Azure DevOps, both from the perspective of promoting good practices such as code version control and CI\CD - process of developing in development and promoting to UAT\production

It would also allow IT to get visibility of code, allow tests to be run - such as moving DAX calculated columns with M

This would also solve the other ideas:




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Update 10/17: This is now in our upcoming roadmap and we will share more details in the coming months. Mo

March 2022 update: We are working on this item but no timeline can be shared yet. We appreciate your patience



When do you expect to finish this work?

This is an urgent need for all developers who use power bi.


I cannot believe Power BI does not have GIT integration, both being microsoft products but Qliksense does! Common MS!


The ability to check out/check in and leave comments from the Power BI desktop application would be very useful. This functionallity is already available in MS word.


Please Microsoft, can you give us a timeline on that feature? PowerBI is losing it's competitive edge over some new tools and blocks it's user from implementing a scalable way to develop BI. ARM templates are already implemented in Azure Data Factory and Synapse, how hard can it be to stop using binary files and turning them into JSON?


Just adding a shout-out for pbi-tools: https://pbi.tools/

It seems to be a bit more capable than other pbi serializers, and can round-trip git-friendly text extracts to pbit.

I'd love to see MS run with something like this and improve the underlying model to make it even easier and more reliable to diff & merge.

However I have a suspicion they'll focus on trying to integrate git into the tool, like power-apps.

Fundamentally those people who want git tend to know why they want it, and it's not to save historic versions.


All of these ideas are good and should have been thought of when Power BI first came out over 10 years ago - definitely needed!


This is long overdue from MS for PowerBI, Databricks sync to GIT from its web UI, its seemless, very little need to delve into GIT itself. The emphasis seems to be on GitHub now.


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It's pretty telling that this idea only comes up through a Google search - searching "

Git" in the Power BI ideas search box does not show this idea as a result, nor does this idea show as a Top idea even though it clearly has enough votes. Either listen to your users and implement this idea or delete it and stop wasting everyone's time, MS.


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