We use a matrix visual with our external customers that allows them to see their total spend with us in the matrix by month and type of product. As an alternative to asking them to drill down, I’ve added a tool tip that displays a tool tip table with detail orders sorted largest for smallest for each matrix cell.

I have three ideas that might make the user experience better: 1. Set an optional delay by the developer that prevents every quick mouse swipe over the cells in the matrix from trying to render each pop up the tool tip visual when it is not intended to show.

2. Provide a right click option that allows the user to control when the tool tip appears.

3. Provide a on/off switch in the matrix that contains the visual to allow the user to choose in the service.

My other idea for the tool tip matrix would be to allow someone to scroll down in the tool tip when tool tip data extends beyond the frame of the visual. Currently it provides a visible scroll bar, but it is not active in the tool tip.

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Great idea !
Currently, I tend to remove my tooltips cause they appear too quickly. Pity