The email subscription feature is great where the user will get the snapshot of the dashboard/report in the email.

However, I noticed that the image is low quality and appear small in the email content. It will be great if the user is allow set the preferences on the image quality and size in the email content.

Currently, it's too small and low quality to be really useful, and this is a frequent requests from many of my customers. Though I tell them that it's supported but they are let down later by the usefulness of it due to the size and quality.

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We're happy to announce that we have enhanced the resolution of email subscription snapshots! You can now enjoy higher resolution snapshots for your email subscriptions to both Power BI reports and paginated reports.

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Yes, please please make this subscription email more configurable. The size of the image in the email is too small and it is not readable.

Yes please even I am having the same struggle of image size and visibility. Please make it user friendly.

Much needed feature to allow PBI to compete with Tableau

Yes, please please make this subscription email more configurable. Many just want to see the numbers in the email and don't care to log in to see the report.

This is really useful to have feature.

There is no option to increase the subscription report email size in Powerbi.
If I increase the report size or page size, only half of the report will be visible due to an increase in size.
Any alternatives please suggest to me.

This is so needed option, waiting for it

So rightly pointed out. Need this feature super important

Did this issue get resolved? Struggling with this