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Standardise Font Size Across Visualisations

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on 22 May 2019 23:00:35

Font size differs between visualisations when the value is the same. e.g. a Segoe, font size 12 in a Text Box is totally different to a Segoe, font size 12 in a Card.

Please standardise the font size across visualisations to ensure a value for one returns the same size as that of another.

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Gary THOMANN on 25 Sep 2023 06:42:09

RE: Standardise Font Size Across Visualisations

this is a valid link

but gives 'We have encounter some malicious input. Please remove that and try again' error when setting up the link!!!

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Augusto Tsuji on 06 Jul 2020 00:07:05

RE: Standardise Font Size Across Visualisations

This is a known issue for such a long, long time and it's not been fixed yet...
I would add that, if you set font sizes in a Custom Theme .json file, the number you input is not the same as the one it is converted to in the visual formatting pane... And the worst of all is that one specific text class can we applied across different places in the report, and each time (each visual) ends up converting the size or not. As a workaround I tried to "pre-convert" the size in the .json file so that in the report it gets the size I want, but as each visual behaves differently, it is just not possible...
And the goes into the custom visuals, even the ones "certified by Microsoft"...