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Allow measures to be exported

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Spoorthi C M on 29 Nov 2023 10:03:07

We cannot see to export all measures in a data mart or back them up except manually doing this one-by-one. Please allow measures to be exported across .pbix files. This would help in cases were a user needs to reuse the same or similar measures across reports

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Mat Prest on 30 Nov 2023 13:15:49

RE: Allow measures to be exported

Assuming these are DAX measures, it would be really useful if we could export all DAX measures created on a Data Mart for contingency purposes. We were hit by a bug that meant we were unable to even get into a Data Mart and needed to recreate the Data Mart from scratch - thankfully we had some old (and slightly out of date) manual backups but it still took a few days to get things back up and running. Eventually we were able to get a workaround provided by Microsoft Support to mitigate this risk but it caused us a lot of pain and having the ability to export all Measures easily would have also helped as we'd have done it more frequently.