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Ability to pin App report tiles into a My Workspace dashboard

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on 27 Oct 2017 13:15:46

I'm re-posting my own attempt of getting this some some attention since it appears to be unsuccessful across the various other 'ideas' & accompanying comments / complaints across the community... We NEED users to be able to pin tiles to their own 'My Workspace' dashboards, to build their own customised view of their business. This is just so obviously a huge selling point of Power BI to so many users out there and yet this critical functionality is being restricted to the development/'collaborative' workspace?! I really can't understand the reasoning behind this? We percieve dashboards to be the true 'end point' for the users (in particular higher level users, CE/F/I/O's etc) to collate their required data views (likely from many different business reporting areas) to making informed decisions. Am I the only one thinking it's ridiculous to even have to ask why our GM's are unable to build their own customized dashboards pulling in tiles from different Apps/published reports to set them up just how they like/want to, without having to scope it out to a development team to have to create and publish it out to them? That we the developers have to build this stuff for them when we are selling Power BI to them as an empowered self-service capability? Our GMs don't want us to build dashboards for them, yet we are wasting time having to do it for them when they actually prefer/want to do it themselves! There appears to be a distinct lack of PBI Team feedback on all the comments asking for this seemingly 'no-brainer' ..Seriously, what's the deal here, PBI Team!? I'd be very happy to discover that I have gotten this wrong or that I'm just unaware it's actually in the PBI roadmap somewhere... but I'm sure I'm only one of many who are scratching their heads in disbelief and frustration right now. Help PBI Team! Please keep getting behind this one, community!

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Power BI User on 05 Jul 2020 23:18:26

RE: Ability to pin App report tiles into a My Workspace dashboard

Dashboards are lacking, this would greatly help.