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Improve the Admin Portal usage statistics

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on 23 Sep 2016 20:48:58

I am responsible for the adoption of Power BI within my organisation.

The usage statistics on the Admin Portal are OK but I would like deeper insights into the usage (what Power BI is for). I would like the usage data to be available as a data set with your report so that I can customize it and get the insights I want.

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Andreu fil on 19 Apr 2024 19:13:29

RE: Improve the Admin Portal usage statistics

Good information, thanks

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James Midgley on 05 Jul 2020 23:07:59

RE: Improve the Admin Portal usage statistics

Currently provisioned usage metrics via the Admin Portal are effectively useless. The visualisations are static. You can't scroll when the list is longer than the current visualisation. You can't even enlarge the visualisation in the hope that you will be able to see all the data.

The current workaround of getting the data from the O365 Audit Log involves invoking IT processes to facilitate. This is not in line with the philosophy of Self Service data.

Current provision is nothing more than a teaser and in its current format next to useless.