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change displayed report author

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on 17 Jun 2017 00:36:30

Currently when error messages are displayed in Power BI, the report author (ie the person who uploaded the report) is listed as the contact person to resolve the issue. However, many large teams have specific support aliases that are managed efficiently by a team, ensuring prompt responses and coverage during personnel outages.

We need a way to change the displayed report author or primary contact displayed on the error message in Power BI (think "Displayed Owner" in //IDWEB). Displaying an individual as the contact randomizes our support requests and results in slower responses and an inefficient process.

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vinay on 06 Jul 2020 00:00:37

RE: change displayed report author

We have the same problem as well. Is this feature available now?

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Mark on 05 Jul 2020 23:07:02

RE: change displayed report author

We are having the same problem here where we would like the displayed owner to be

Can someone please let us know how we change the Displayed owner to a group or email