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Copy dataset to another workspace

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Richard Power BI User on 12 Nov 2019 22:55:13

I would like to be able to copy a dataset to another workspace.

The use case is very simple - when making any changes to a dataset, the dataset of course refreshes its entire history (in line with the incremental load policy), and in the service will only show the range of data that was selected when publishing, to end users.

What I would like to do is make changes to a dataset, load the entire history of the dataset to a development workspace, and then when it has finished, copy this dataset over to production.

I have not been able to find out any information on this so I presume the functionality is not available as yet via the API, or any other method.

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James Earich on 02 Feb 2021 18:16:56

RE: Copy dataset to another workspace

I have very similar request posted. We have workspace assigned to each client, The dataflows and datasets (schema's) are identical. We want to copy dataset from one workspace to another and attach the dataset to the dataflow within the target workspace. We do this manually now by downloading the .pbix of the dataset, convert to .pbit via desktop, unzip it and replace existing guids with quid of the target workspace and dataflow, rezip and rename, and finally upload to target workspace and perform refresh. We are doing something similar but not as involved when moving dataflow from one workspace to another (modifying the JSON). It seems this could all be done via the use of an API. Giving the API the workspace name and dataflow name. We then able to deploy the reports to each workspace via existing APIs.