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Redesign the Bookmarks UI

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Power BI Ideas Admin on 07 Jul 2020 16:37:02

Bookmarks are a nice feature to have and can enable some nice scenarios for the benefit of end users.

The people who don't benefit... report designers.

Can you reconsider the bookmarks designer user interface please?

It has got to the point where it is essentially unusable as soon as you have configured one. You cannot easily see what is linked to a bookmark - the way in which you update them is a complete mystery (you only know if you got it right by testing it repeatedly), and maintaining a report with multiple bookmarks, visibility states, page transitions, data... and now visibility and expanded state of the filter panel... it is just unusable.

This needs to be a comprehensive UI that shows you exactly what is in a bookmark - and explicitly asks you what you want included in it -> not just taking the current state of the report and bundling it together with no visibility on what you just did.

Administrator on 04 Nov 2020 17:54:03

We have made Bookmarks available.  We will have a much more efficient interface for reviewing all bookmarked ideas as we have heard feedback that current experience is not ideal.  

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Bryan Jelen on 28 Jun 2022 18:33:30

RE: Redesign the Bookmarks UI

I agree with this...If I'm taking over a report that I've never seen before that contains bookmarks, I can't tell how they've been setup and the intended behavior of each bookmark when they were initially configured. It's a bit of a guessing game that you have to test the "click flow" until you think you've gotten right. Even then you might not correctly set the bookmark based on how it was originally configured. At the moment, one would have to document the steps they took when they initially configured the bookmarks so others can replicate the same behavior if report changes have to be made or are seeing the report for the first time.