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    Joao Victor profile image

    Joao Victor on 9/19/2022 7:02:38 PM

    Power BI

    Save the SQL Query from Datamart

    Today, when you make a SQL Query in the Datamart you only have the option to export in .xlsx, why we can't save this query inside the Datamart to use in the creation of reports.

    I suggest to make the Query and have the option of use it like a table or save inside the datamart to turn the query useful to create a report.


    Charles Webb (administrator)

    We are planning this work as mentioned in the Datamart 2023 January Blog.

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    Andres Martinez profile image

    Andres Martinez on 9/30/2022 2:44:18 PM

    Power BI

    Link Dataverse to Datamarts

    It would be nice to be able to link Dataverse to Datamarts like we can do with Synapse to be able to do real time queries through the Datamarts...

    Needs Votes
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    Steven Arrington profile image

    Steven Arrington on 9/28/2022 4:20:53 PM

    Power BI

    Multiple Datasets from a Datamart

    My impression is that Power BI Datamarts are being groomed to be a Power BI alternative to the Data Warehouse and Data mart steps in a generic data pipeline.

    Here is what I would consider a generic data pipeline:

    OLTP Data -> (Optional) Data Lake -> Data Warehouse -> (Optional) Data marts -> Analysis/BI/Reporting

    Power BI Datamarts already support an automatic Dataset in Power BI that is then used for reports, my suggestion is to extend this to be able to manually split a Power BI Datamart into several datasets that can then be used in reports, then you don't run the risk of duplicating logic in a separate Power BI Datamart or Dataset and it becomes one place to manage the connections, model, queries, etc.

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    Chris Colemnan profile image

    Chris Colemnan on 5/23/2023 5:03:49 PM

    Power BI

    Power BI datamarts and Power apps

    It would be great to have a power app connect to a power bi datamart and allow that power app to manipulate and or write data back to it. We have several datamarts created and those datamarts have the data we need fot the apps. it would be nice if we could just write back to the datamart instead of connecting to another database, dataverse or other.

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    Didier Maignan profile image

    Didier Maignan on 11/22/2022 10:09:04 AM

    Power BI

    Datamart, change the Workflow owner

    The creator of a Datamart is the only one to be able to add a new Datasource to this Datamart, even with all 4 authorizations on the Datamart and admin of the Premium Workspace. When anyone else want to add a new datasource, an error message says that the action is not allowed due to lack of ownership of the [power Query Online] Dataflow.

    When a company has several trustfull contributors or moving staff, the DataFlow owner should be changed or be a group or multiple users.



    Thanks for voting! We've delivered functionality to take over ownership.

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    BI Cetursa profile image

    BI Cetursa on 8/24/2023 6:11:30 AM

    Power BI

    Datamart refresh via power automated

    Datamart refresh via power automated Please add the possibility to update a datamart via power automate. This is already possible for Power BI datasets but not yet for datamarts Thanks,

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    Priyanka Gaikwad profile image

    Priyanka Gaikwad on 7/26/2023 12:34:58 PM

    Power BI

    Calculated column option in Datamart

    As of now, there is no option to create calculated column in Datamart similar to desktop version. We can create column in Power Query but it doesn't allow to use any measure as reference.

    This feature will be very much useful for transforming data in datamart.

    I request you to consider this as a part of future releases.

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    Maxime LUIS profile image

    Maxime LUIS on 2/2/2023 12:45:53 PM

    Power BI

    Export / Import Datamart

    Hello, i've an idea to improve Power BI Experience for developpers about datamarts.

    Indeed, actually we can't export / import a datamarts like dataflows with json file per example.

    It's interesting to industrialize the data model with an application for customers.

    Best regards, Maxime LUIS

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    Holger Schimanski profile image

    Holger Schimanski on 7/4/2023 8:01:39 PM

    Power BI

    Git integration for Datamart

    Datamart (preview) is a great feature to enable business user-driven creation of data models and provisioning of data for reports.

    With the recent introduction of Git integration of workspaces, it would be fantastic if also Datamarts could be stored and traced and reviewed in Git same like it is possible now for reports.



    We are actively in the process of implementing support for Datamarts with the Fabric Git integration. We will provide you with timelines as soon as they are available. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Didier Maignan profile image

    Didier Maignan on 8/15/2023 3:21:50 PM

    Power BI

    Datamart Source creation available for a team

    In most companies, a single Datamart Owner cannot be alone to be able to add all new Datasources : this is a team work, so co admin is not enough for a Data team : the existing Power BI Datamart experience so far does NOT allot to add a new Datasource. When you are administrator of the Workspace, you should be able to add a datasource to the Datamart.