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Email Subscriptions - Very Poor Image Quality

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Eric on 24 Aug 2018 20:30:53

We are seeing extremely poor quality images within the email and the attachments for Report subscriptions coming from the Power BI Service.

The image quality is so poor that it frustrates and disappoints our executive audience so much that we will not use the subscription option until we have a better solution.

Our execs want mission critical stats pushed to them in an email so they can get a quick read on the business, they don't have the desire or the time to go to the Power BI Service to see them in high quality.

We push reports to about 20 users today using Tableau but I want to switch everything over to PBI. However, the quality of images in the PBI subscription is a big impediment to making that happen.

We had such high hopes for email subscriptions but they have been such a big disappointment thus far. We need a way to improve the resolution of the images in the email and we need to be able to attach a high-quality PDF file rather than a useless low resolution PNG file.