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Matrix/tables should display KPI of a Tabular model like Excel

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Marco Russo on 22 Sep 2020 13:17:48

The KPI defined in a Tabular model are displayed in a different way in Power BI compared to Excel.
- Excel supports decimal numbers from -1 to 1 for both 3 and 5 states graphics
- Power BI supports integer numbers from -2 to 2 for 5-states graphics, and integer numbers from -1 to 1 for 3-states graphics.

The same KPI graphic and the same expression value result in different visualizations between Power BI and Excel. While it is reasonable to keep a "legacy" mode for existing reports to avoid breaking compatibility, it would be a good idea to align Power BI to Excel so that existing data models also in Multidimensional can work in a similar way.