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Certain users only see certain reports in an App

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Tobias Owen on 05 Dec 2017 19:01:04

First of all, a BIG thank you to the Power BI team for their latest update, the ability to toggle what content gets published as part of an App. This allows certain pieces to be in the App Workspace but not part of the App itself.

The next step for me, that would make this even more awesome, is the ability to control user access to reports (and dashboards) within an App on a user-by-user basis or using AD groups.

Example: I have 4 reports in my App. I want to publish all 4 reports to he App, but 90% of users should only be able to see 3 reports whilst 10% of users should see all 4.

Currently, I would have to either use RLS to present 90% of users with a blank 4th report, or create 2 separate Apps for the two user bases.

I would love to be able to define user access to individual content within an App, in the same way that we can currently define user access to the whole App itself.