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Prevent users from sending email notification to large user groups

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Thomas Mulvey on 18 Oct 2023 08:26:45

When changing permissions for a dataset it is possible to send an email notification to the users. Our organisation has user group and distribution lists that are extremely large, and I worry that a Power BI user could accidentally send an email to a large number of people who would inevitably be confused by what they have received.

For example I want a dataset to be available to the majority of users, who are all in the group 'All staff'. However I don't want to confuse hundreds of them that have no interest in the dataset. I can un-tick 'send an email notification', but if I forget to do that I am concerned that they will all be notified. It should be possible to prevent users from mass-notifying, perhaps with a tenant setting preventing the notification of groups (or groups larger than 10 individuals.)