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Generate an MS Forms link within the Service

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Mark Walter on 24 Aug 2020 20:57:44

In ‘O365 Excel’ under Insert you currently have the ability to create and share a Form link directly from Excel (under Insert). This not only creates a shareable Form link, but also generates the Excel table that holds incoming records from the form. The idea would be to provide the Forms icon also in the Power BI Service. On the user end, this would allow our field users with O365 on their mobile direct entry into tables we establish in the Service as ‘Form Entry’ tables. In the Service it would be nice to establish the shell of the table, then design a Form (and link) to share our to users with access. This would give our users a better way to ensure validated entries, as well as a smoother UI vs. asking them to open a shared Excel file and make a new entry. A direct tie into Power BI Service would also be a nice addition in the Service.

Thanks for your consideration!