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Select Table column to scroll contents left or right without selecting column sort

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Hine on 18 Jun 2018 00:48:26

If one selects a table column and holds, then waits, then moves the column left or right, I would like the table data to scroll in the same direction as the left or right movement, without assigning a sort.

Because, the current behaviour if one tries to perform this action on a data row - is that that specific data row will get selected, this in turn results in the deselection of all the other rows of the table

Furthermore, the scrolling of the table to left or right DOES NOT HAPPEN - frustrating

On a mobile phone or tablet, with 10+ table columns, it’s pretty much impossible to scroll the table data left or right without finger trouble selecting a specific table row - which results in no scroll action - and it results in one row of table data becoming selected!!!

So it’s pretty impossible to scroll a table data left or right at the moment.

Even if one tries to select a table CELL, hold, wait, then scroll left - right - THIS DOES NOT WORK - and it unfortunately results in one entire row getting selected with not scroll action - frustrating

Even if one tries to SWIPE the table left or right - this mostly results in a single row getting selected - and no scroll action - frustrating

It matters not if one is viewing in portrait or landscape

also scroll bars are too thin, I mean too narrow, if I had child’s hands this might not matter because I would be able to get my finger on a scroll bar without, inadvertently selecting a row, but my fingers are as large as most folks and so this is not possible, my phone does not have a stiles, its android, same for nexus 7, no stylus