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Measure management UI

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on 28 Oct 2016 21:48:31

Please add a better solution/UI to create and manage measures. Measures are the core of what makes Power BI stand out from the rest. At the moment it is quite difficult to find measures (they are listed in alphabetical order with all other database fields. There is no holistic overview of measures across tables and there is no easy way to bulk create edit them. Also it is not possible to see the value of the measure as in Excel PowerPivot. This is a great way to debug your measures by filtering the table and seeing the value change.

I think the ideal solution is a "Manage Measures Dialogue" similar to the Defined Names dialog in Excel.

You have a list of Measures with information about the location, formula, formatting, desxcription and values. You can select multiple measures, rename them, format them, add descriptions etc.