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SVG - support title element for custom tooltips

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Kieran Leigh on 14 Apr 2023 14:19:16

When custom SVG visuals are added to a table or matrix, by default they have a tooltip which is the SVG source code. While this is useful in the development phase, it is not something to present to end users. There are many tutorials out there offering a way to hide the tooltip, e.g.

Hiding SVG Image Code from Tooltips in Power BI — Havens Consulting

Embedding SVG images in Power BI – part 2 - KPMG Poland

These methods are either to use 100% transparency (no tooltip) or a report page.

These may work for simpler custom SVGs that present a single value. I am currently working on a custom calendar view that sits in a matrix. This means one SVG item is representing multiple data points. I would like to add a tooltip for each day showing the value. This could be achieved by adding a title to the related element. This would allow at least a simple text tooltip.