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Paginated Report Export Button

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Matt Hecht on 28 Jun 2021 20:45:19

(let me start this post by complimenting how great the new Paginated Report visual is)

My idea today is about the export functionality of paginated reports inside of Power BI report pages. It'll be fairly common that folks use the new visual to allow users to export data (no 150k row limit is a big positive).

The idea is this: I'd like the ability to add button to my PBI report pages which streamlines the a paginated report download.  A single click to the button and I have an exported file in my downloads folder. Currently we get the paginated report interface on PBI report pages, meaning a few clicks to get the download (Export --> download format --> file explorer pop-up).

A thought is that the PBI developer could configure a download format and export title (fx) under the paint roller in PBID. Parameter configuration just like the new visual.