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Selected Step in PQ increase Code editing window

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Mike Carlo on 09 Nov 2023 18:15:51

When renaming columns I want the ability to expand the code window as large as I want.

This mainly occurs when we have a large instruction like transformColumnTypes

= Table.TransformColumnTypes(financials_Table,{{"Segment", type text}, {"Country", type text}, {"Product", type text}, {"Discount Band", type text}, {"Units Sold", type number}, {"Manufacturing Price", Int64.Type}, {"Sale Price", Int64.Type}, {"Gross Sales", type number}, {"Discounts", type number}, {" Sales", type number}, {"COGS", type number}, {"Profit", type number}, {"Date", type date}, {"Month Number", Int64.Type}, {"Month Name", type text}, {"Year", Int64.Type}})

Since this step is so long the window to edit the code when selecting a step should be able to expand longer.