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Exclude tooltip field from automatic chart title

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Carina Louzao on 26 Dec 2023 22:25:55

I never want the field used in a tooltip to appear in the chart title. The obvious workaround is to create a custom chart title, but if my chart has a hierarchy on an axis, a custom title can't show which level of the hierarchy is currently selected.

Example: I have a bar chart showing Total Sales by Location. Location is a hierarchy containing Country, State, and City. I have a field called Employee Count in the tooltip. What I WANT is a dynamic title that says "Total Sales by [Country/State/City]" depending on which level of the hierarchy is selected. What I GET from the automatic title is "Total Sales and Employee Count by [Country/State/City]." This is unnecessarily wordy and confusing to the user, since the bar chart doesn't visualize Employee Count. It's even worse if the user takes a screenshot to share elsewhere, where the tooltip function is lost entirely. Currently, the only workaround available is to create a custom title that says "Total Sales by Location," ignoring which hierarchy level is selected.