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Create PBI Pages that are view only references to other PBI pages in files to avoid duplicates

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Joshua Flory on 18 Mar 2021 19:14:36

Other BI platforms support this (like Microstrategy) where you can have a collection of "master" dashboards or reports and then re-deploy them to other locations by using a reference pointer.

The reason for doing this is two fold
1. No duplicate maintenance, it is just a report link to the original. Change the original and all consumers of the report links see the changes
2. It allows mixing and matching various pages from various reports. Each department has detailed dashboards for their topic HR, Sales, Collections, Finance, Shipping, etc... Executives want to see the overview pages of each of those but do NOT want to work through the entire reports as they have 30 tabs or so.

There should be a way to build apps and deploy them that are just navigation shells that do pointer references back to other PBI pages so I can pull together 3 pages from HR, 2 pages from Sales, and 1 page from Budget forecast into a single deployed App that executives can consume.

Having to maintain multiple copies of the same PBIX files or pages just creates error and duplicate work.