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Proper connectors for switching users of DataFlows & Dataverse

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Lucian C on 05 Jan 2023 11:09:43


I'm working as a Data Analyst for multiple companies on multiple tenants. Creating reports using SQL or OData sources was pretty easy especially when switching to one report or another.

Last couple of months more clients start using more and more DataFlows and now it became a tedious task to switch from one report to another because the way the Power BI Desktop use these connectors.

When using SQL, Power BI will store the user credentials linked to the server name or IP, while OData connector will store the URL. And is very easy to have inside the report a "parameter query" that will store the server name/IP or URL and create a report on a test server and move it on a production server just changing that "parameter".

But, when using DataFlows or Dataverse all become harder, because the connector will store the "first logged on user".

To test or work to another report connected to a dataflow, I have to go every time, to the "Data source settings" > "Global permissions", search for dataflows (or dataverse) and clear permission, then log on with the proper user for that report, disregarding the connected user in Power BI Desktop.

It would be nice to have the same user connected to the Power BI Desktop also connect to the dataflow connector, or at least a way to easier switching between users of these connectors.

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