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Transpose Visual\Matrix

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Jeff Aldridge on 17 Aug 2018 03:34:42

We use multi-dimensional cubes as our data source, and often run into a problem where its impossible to take our visual\matrix and perform what is essentially an Excel "Switch Row\Column" or "Paste Special > Transpose" option on visual's post-aggregation data.

With multidimensional cubes connected via a Direct Connection, there's often a problem where rows from one dimension have to be duplicated multiple times, vastly increasing the performance load of working with the data.

For example, say we're aggregating survey responses. Each row represents a respondent, each column represents a question on the survey. These responses can have different data types, some are numeric which get aggregated into means, some are string that represent categories like age or income-group.

With data setup this way, it becomes impossible to do some configurations for tables\matrices\bar charts\column charts... etc. An option that takes the rows and columns of the resulting visual's data table, and transposes it would solve the issue completely.