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Default tab order (aka Reading Order) based on Z reading pattern instead of order that visuals were initially added

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Jeffrey Weir on 08 Mar 2020 06:51:20

This idea inspired by Meagen Longaria's fantastic interview at the following podcast:

When report devs don’t set the tab order of a PBI report (which is pretty much the default) then tabbing selects visuals in the order in which they were initially added to the page. This almost always results in a random user experience that bounces the user all over the page, because report devs almost never build reports in any kind of order.

The default behaviour should be to tab through visuals more intelligently using XY coordinates. This will never be perfect, but it's almost certainly going to give a better UX than the current 'unmanaged' approach.

Perhaps the user could additionally select whether they want to tab through in a column-like manner (given many some reports group related content in columns ) or a Z pattern? Best to ask folk that know about these things...I'm no expert.