Issue one:
When dragging a group to a new position, after you take your finger off the left click button, the *group* isn't selected...instead the shape under where you initially clicked is. You would need to deselect then reselect group to move it again as a group. Otherwise you are going to just be moving things within the group.

Sometimes this isn't immediately evident meaning you accidentally change your grouping but might not immediately be aware of this.

Issue two:
Copying groups is also buggy: it copies the group to a slightly offset position, but then applies a 'group frame' based on the position of the original group's frame.This screws up alignment guides and other things

Issue three:
PowerPoint grouping respects Z order when selecting something in the group. Power BI grouping doesn't respect Z order when selecting something in the group (or selecting generally). That can make it painful if not impossible at times to group things that are layered.

Issue 4:
Also, when you select a group, if you then try to move it you must click somewhere within the group where an actual object is. And that object cannot be the inside of a text box. If you click on an area of whitespace that exists within the group - or on a Text Box interior - then you can't move the group. This took me a long time to work out...I thought I simply couldn't move my groups.

Issue 5: It's pretty hard to select and group things like textboxes in PowerBi when you get a format popup for each one *selected* obscuring as-yet *unselected* ones.

Issue 6: While the 'Merge' functionality is awesome, you can't merge a singe object into an existing group...you can only merge groups. Would be super handy if you could use that Merge to merge currently ungrouped objects into a group.
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