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freeze column in a table chart

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Jordan Kline on 29 Jan 2015 10:25:15

It'd be great to be able to freeze a left hand column in a table so users can scroll and keep track of what row they're looking at

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Sandeep on 05 Jul 2020 22:32:45

RE: freeze column in a table chart

This will definitely be a good feature to have. Hope MS will add it in future. But there is a work around for this problem, following are the steps

1) Create a copy of the original table visual
2) remove all the fields from the duplicate table except for the first column(assuming that is the Colum you want to freeze)
3) Shrink that same column in the original table to the minimum width
4) align these 2 tables together


1) The column width can not be reduced to 0 to almost make it not visible, so not only shrinked the column to the min size but I also moved it to the end of the table
2) Sometime when you remove columns the granularity of the table changes and the 2 tables are not in sync. work around keep the lowest granular column in the duplicate table and hide it.
3) when sorting is used on any of the tables then the other table does not sort, obviously! I do not have a work around for that.
4) when the data is exported, the main column(that is almost hidden will be exported) is moved to the end of the table. work around, DONT move it to the end after shrinking!!! but you will see a strange space which you can hopefully hide when aligning the 2 table

please let me know If anyone has a workaround for problem 3! Hope this helps!