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Drillthrough to another report page with all filters selected

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on 07 Dec 2017 22:07:51

Thanks for the Drill through to another report page option. Its great but it only works when the visual table has all the categories in it and that's not always the case. We have filter boxes on the top and right side of the dashboard, in the centre a couple of tables/charts/etc. In this dashboard you select a product group or customer and in one of the table you see the sales each month. When we fill in the month-year category in the detail dashboard as a Drill through filter we can use this only on monthly base. But the selection of customer and product group is undo. This is because product group and customer is in a separate filter box at the right side of the dashboard and not in the table. We did this to keep the table simple and that we can use it for more purpose.
Is it possible to adjust the drill trough option that all the filters in the dashboard will be copied to the detail dashboard to get the exact same data and the main dashboard but then with more details?