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Power BI


Provide Power Bi access to administrative information in the Power Environment.

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Don Thompson on 22 Feb 2023 14:54:27

As the Power Platform products becomes more and more a part of IT infrastructure, it is imperative that non-privileged users has access to information about the Power ecosystem.

Example, you put a Power Automate solution into a production environment, running under a service account, you have no visibility of flow history and no idea if the flows fail, absent logging in as the service account.

Or just simple things like an inventory of flows, apps, reports in your Power environment, when they last ran, who created them, when the were created, versions, when they were last viewed (in the case of reports) etc. All of this information should be available to Power Bi report to enable regular oversight and monitoring.

Absent knowing these details, quickly and easily, the Power Environment can never be a significant part of the IT solutions bag of tricks in any organization over a dozen people in size.